Acorn-fed Iberico Pluma with chili sauce and arugula salad with pistachios

Prepare the Iberico Pluma

1 piece Aljomar Iberico Pluma

6 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

Mix of 8 peppers

3½ Tbsp. soy sauce

Marinade the Pluma with oil, peppers and soy sauce. Remove meat and pat dry with paper towel. Sear meat on both sides in hot skillet. Set aside.

Prepare the chili sauce

3 red chilis

1 onion

Meat stock


Lightly sauté onion and chilis. Do not burn. Sprinkle with sugar and toss well. Add meat stock and cook 20 minutes. Blend (in mixer or with immersion blender). Add salt to taste. If necessary, add corn starch to thicken.

Prepare the arugula salad and nuts


Ground pistachios

Extra virgin olive oil

Sherry vinegar

Combine pistachios, oil and vinegar. Toss with arugula just prior to serving.


Preheat oven to 350o. Place meat on baking tray and place in oven for 3 minutes. Remove meat and sprinkle with chili sauce. Place meat on plate and add tossed arugula salad.