Acorn-fed Iberico Presa with spring onion chimichurri

Prepare the Chimichurri

6 Tbsp. oil

½ bunch spring onions

2 lemons juiced

2 cloves garlic

salt and pepper to taste

Blanch the garlic 2 times in water. Repeat with spring onions. Cool in ice water. Rinse well and add to remaining ingredients. Blend in high speed mixer and pass through a fine sieve. Set aside.

Prepare the presa

3.5 oz. Aljomar acorn-fed Iberico Presa

Cut the meat into thin slices and sear both sides on a hot grill. Set aside.


Put the hot Presa in a bowl and season generously with the chimuchurri sauce. Place on plate, garnish with fresh greens and nuts.